Small Groups 

 The heart behind small groups is simple – to build relationships that lead toward discipleship. The bases of this ministry is to grow in our womanhood together. Lifting each other up in a community of women that will be unstoppable for Jesus. Our small group are the place that we seek to grow our relationship with God, through biblical training, accountability, community, and mentorship. 

We are currently doing an online small group through our community page on Facebook. @beautifullycrownedwomen  


Contact Courtney Conway for more information at 

Monthly Studies/Hangouts 

Monthly studies are monthly events where small groups come together to worship God and learn about Jesus as a large community. Lets call it a Girls Night with Jesus! 

More information will be given as closer to the event! Be on the look out on all social media accoutns for more info! 


Project are ways we will have to reach our community. God has given us many skill, talents, and gift. Why not use them?!?! Ladies lets get out there and make a difference! 

More information will be given as projects are approach! 

We were not sisters by birth, but we knew from the start... Fate brought us together to be sisters in Christ.